Ferro Monofilament Hybrid Fiber

FIBERCRETE HY is a combination of both Ferro Fiber and Monofilament Fiber of same lengths for concrete reinforcement that complies with standard specifications for Fiber Reinforced Concrete. This fiber is specifically designed to withstand high static loads and dynamic loads and to help mitigate the formation of shrinkage cracks in concrete. Typically used at a dosage rate of 5 kg/m3.

Fiber Material:100% Virgin Polypropylene

Compliance:(a) ASTM C 1116 (Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
(b) IRC : SP : 46-2013, MORTH (Design and Construction of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavements)

Approvals : (a) Stedrant Technoclinic Pvt Ltd. (NABL Accredited Laboratory), Bangalore
(b) Civil Aid Technoclinic Pvt Ltd. Bangalore
(c) CIPET, Mysore & Hyderabad

Fiber Length Features Applications
36mm & 55mm
  • Withstand higher static loads and moving loads on slabs.
  • Avoids cracks at re-entrant corners of slab.
  • Avoids De-lamination of floors.
  • Avoids Shrinkage cracks on slabs.
  • Industrial floorings
  • Warehouse floorings
  • Mining workshop floorings
  • PQC Roads
Fiber Properties
Specific Gravity 0.91
Melting Point 165 °C
Diameter/Thickness 45 Micron
Tensile Strength 575 MPa
Young’s Modulus 3.0 GPa
Dosage 5 Kg/m3


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